Thursday, April 26, 2018


Too Deep to wade through.
Wollomonopoag is the name of the woods we hiked, today.  We started out with nine hikers.  We ended with four. 

It was a beautiful day and the walk would have been beautiful were it not for the damage done by beavers.  The desolation broke my heart.  So many dead trees.

But nature proves that  God makes good out of bad.  On top of these dead trees were the nests of beautiful blue herons.  They look so graceful and stately when they fly.  And on the flooded land swans glided by.

Just about every trail we tried was flooded out.  One path was covered with water that was ankle deep, so we threw some logs in the water and used it as a rudimentary bridge.  This is where we lost half of our group.  They didn't want to get their feet wet or fall off a log.  But I made it across OK.  Eventually, we more adventurous ones had to turn back, too.  We just couldn't get across flooded areas. 

Blue heron nests

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