Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Just Between You and Me

Another story my "cloistered brothers" and I was told, while we were discussing the progress for sainthood, was concerning the cause of Blessed Margaret of Castello.  It seemed a priest and a seminarian were in an automobile accident.  The seminarian was killed.  The priest was in grave condition.  One of his injuries involved losing one eye.  It had to be removed.  A relic of Blessed Margaret of Castello was placed on him as he lay in his hospital bed.  Suddenly, under his eye patch, the priest's missing eye burned.  The heat was unbearable. He begged for help. When the doctor lifted the eye patch to see what was going on, he was surprised to see an eye looking back at him.

Later during an eye exam, his doctor, who was Jewish said, "Too bad your God didn't give you any eye that was 20/20!"

Although I googled, I couldn't find this story on the web.  Probably because of an ongoing investigation by the insurance companies.  But this would be the last miracle, Blessed Margaret of Castello would need to become a saint. It's in God's hands.

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