Thursday, June 2, 2016

You Never Know What You'll Find in the Woods.

The first thing the hiking group found was this thing stuck in the middle of a rock.  It was hollow so it might have been a pipe of some sort.  Maybe it was a flag, at one time, or something to hoist things up the hill.  Anyway, it's a lesson on the difference between men and women.  None of the women in the group even gave it a second glance.  But all of the men went over to it and tried to pull it out.  Maybe they thought it was Excalibur?

The next thing we came across in the middle of the woods was a Revolutionary War Cemetery.  There

were only about three or four graves in it.  This picture is the only one I could read.

Lastly, was a car.  Yes, a car in the middle of the woods--a recent model, too.  The cemetery I can see.  Terrain changes and what was once a village is now woods.  But a car, in the middle of Diamond Hill?

This was this morning's hike--about 4 miles.  It was a beautiful day for it.

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