Sunday, June 5, 2016

Community is a Powerful Motivator

For some reason, I can't post this video.  It's from the facebook page, Collective Evolution, June 1st.

What I think is noteworthy about it is its message.  It's a group of firefighters arriving in Canada to help fight their apocalyptic fires.  They're from South Africa.  Although they haven't met before they are together now and need to unite to join a common cause.  They sing and move to a unity song.  You really need to see it.  You will see how this community technique builds moral courage.  It shows what collective teamwork can inspire.  They get together when they're tired and need a boost.  Let us pray that our communities learn what communities can do when we support each other.  Think Community of Saints.  Let us pray for these firefighters and the victims of these Canadian fires.

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