Monday, December 14, 2015

Places to Pray

It is obvious that some places are better than others, to pray.  I contend that sitting by yourself and looking out over the ocean is my ultimate best, e.i. the end of Seacoast Boulevard.

Church would be my second choice, especially Adoration.  How could you not pray, kneeling in front of the True Presence of God?

Sometimes lying in bed is conducive to prayer. I like to reach over to sleeping husband and pray over him.  (If he only knew!)

I often pray in the car, while driving, or waiting for people.  In fact, I call my car, "the prayer mobile." 

I have a "Little Oratory" in a corner of the dining room.  I like to sit at the long table and read and pray--Lectio Divina.

I also have a traveling oratory that a Temporary Promised Lay Dominican made. I may post separately about that, but for now, it's a portable shrine that can be put in my purse.  I take it out, now and then to say "hello" to Jesus.

Lastly, and embarrassingly, I pray in the bathroom.  I was driven to that extreme when I had Cronkhite Canada syndrome.  But I stopped it because a Jewish friend said it was rather blasphemous to pray in that atmosphere.  However, I took it up again after reflecting upon the conditions Bernadette Soubirous lived in--and she's a saint!  Bernadette's windows were prison cell barred windows, looking out upon the village's dunghill.  And the Blessed Mother appeared in a grotto where the village pigs foraged!

Actually, I could go on and on.  Anywhere and everywhere, that works for you.  

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