Monday, December 7, 2015

Mob Behavior

A bizarre incident happened the other day.  I can't seem to wrap my mind around what it means.  I was at a church-related workshop that included other parishes.  We all were working on two questions: our parish strengths and weaknesses.  I was the designated "note taker."  In listing the strength, "our religious education program," I felt we got side-tracked.  We started patting ourselves on our backs and a discussion broke out, led by our pastor.  In essence, we started discussing what parents want, think, and behave.  Since we didn't have all the time in the world, and I would be the one reporting to a room full of people, I said, "Excuse me, Father, you are off topic.  Let's get back to our parish strengths.  What else besides our religious ed program works?"

Well, everyone jumped down my throat!  They insisted on continuing the discussion and Father continued pontificating his thoughts on why parents send their kids to Sunday School.

We eventually got back on topic and everything else continued well.  Just before time ran out, Father asked me to "recap" what we said.  When I got to the religious education topic, I recapped as best as I could what Father said, and he said, " were right, that is off topic.  Scratch it out!"


So, what do you think?

No one said anything.  I don't think they gave it any thought whatsoever.  And I can't get over it. Ten minutes ago everyone was going to crucify me because I said Father was off topic, then when Father acknowledges the fact that I was right, no one blinks.

They never gave any intelligent discernment to my correction; they just reacted.  When confronted with their behavior, they're oblivious.

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