Sunday, March 4, 2012

Death with Dignity is a Lie

Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, Cardinal Seán O'Malley OFM Cap from Archdiocese of Boston on Vimeo.

It's called "death with dignity," but that's a lie. Where's the dignity in killing someone? Where's the dignity in not helping someone live? Where's the dignity in not living life to its fullness?

Look at the petition closely when you see it in the ballot box. Physician assisted suicide is effectively authorizing the killing of human beings prior to their natural death. Why would someone chose to do this? Mainly because they're sick and not thinking correctly, or those around them are pushing them to do this. Nowadays especially, there is no need to do this. Pain can be controlled. Margaret Murphy, executive director of the Hospice and Pallative Care Federation of Massachusetts, has stated, "We have so many effective therapies and treatments in our arsenal now that can really relieve patients of the distress and suffering people experience at the end of life."

So if it's not pain, then why would someone want to die?

Because they think their life, isn't worth living? That's depression. Ask their loved ones what they think?

Of course, maybe it is someone close to the ill person that is urging him to die? That's gist for mystery fiction, but it does happen---reason enough to oppose this initiative.

"Death with Dignity" is a sound bite to make killing someone sound like it's the honorable thing to do. Don't be fooled. It's a lie.

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