Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meditation on the Priestly Sexual Abuse

Is what the media projects the whole story? Most people would say, "Of course, not." That's what they say; but they can't help but believe what the media has hammered into their subconscious thoughts. Time after time, again and again, we see priest after priest abuse yet another victim, and again their bishop covers. But I'm going to try to offer you some other thoughts to consider. Take your time. This is a meditation.

Many of my "cloistered brothers" have been abused. You can imagine, (rather I hope you can't)the severe emotional, physical, and sexual abuse some poor children have endured from their parents, foster parents, relatives, residential care, teachers, scout leaders, etc. One of my brothers pointed out that no money was given to him after his abuser admitted his guilt. In fact, after being abused in another situation, no money was even thought of, never mind given. He never thought of asking for money. How can money make up for lost childhood, hurt and trauma lasting a life time? "Yet," he thought, "If I said a priest abused me, I'd be a victim; I'd be paid for it; and my crime would have been the priest's fault, not mine."

Meditate on the implications of what my brother is saying.

Could it be possible that the media is deliberately focusing on priestly abuse? If the media is purposely focusing and/or keeping the church abuse on the front page, then the distortion is viciously wrong – not only to priests and Catholics as a whole, but to millions of adult victims of abuse whose suffering has been ignored by the distortion that only victims of Catholic priests are worth hearing and compensating. What about my brother abused by his grandfather? And Sister Pauline abused by the very ones who were suppose to help and protect. What about...

Pray for all the victims of abuse.

Why would the media deliberately load the dice to land on the church? How sells? Not only are people reading about priests and sex and cover-ups, but some are making money (besides newspapers)--think lawyers. Some lawyers have a substantial part of their clientèle, people who have been abused. They seek them out like heat seeking missiles. Suing the Catholic Church is their business. They advertise for people hoping to jiggle their unconscious minds from twenty or thirty years ago. Do you honestly believe these types of lawyers are interested in helping victims?

Meditate on Satan's wiles in this Church Scandal. Pray the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.

Let's go back to the media. They want to sell news, so they sell "sex." If they were serious about their work they'd be interested in the "truth," and not keep flaming the church angle. Report on all abuse. Be honest about the numbers. Tell what the church is doing to correct the abuse. Who is doing more? Report that!

The reality of child abuse is everywhere. To report only on the Catholic Church is a distortion. This is not fair, balanced reporting. It is not helping victims. It's about sex and money. Be honest.

Pray for the Church.

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