Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jesus' Personality Type

My "cloistered brothers" and I are still working on the Enneagram, in Study Group. You have to know the nine personality types to understand this post. Tonight we looked at Jesus, according to the Enneagram.

Jesus is the perfect balance of all types. He is the best of each, a healthy balance. Let's take a look:

(1) Jesus was a Reformer, Idealist, Teacher, Crusader, Moralist, Perfectionist, Prophet & Organizer. Everywhere in the New Testament, Jesus taught and healed. Think of him in the Temple at twelve, the Sermon on the Mount, preaching the Kingdom of God.

(2) Jesus was a Helper, Altruist, Lover, Caretaker, Pleaser, Enabler, Mentor, and a Special Friend. Again, think of Jesus healing, caring for Lazarus, and anyone who asked. He had to be pretty special to have followers.

(3) Jesus was an Achiever, Motivator, a Role Model, Communicator and a Paragon. Jesus certainly was a role model in his non violent behavior. Even Jesus turning over the tables in the temple was a controlled behavior. He did enough to make a point, not enough to get arrested.

(4) Jesus was an Individual, an Artist, a Tragic Victim, a Special One. He certainly was an Individual and led the crowd, not part of the crowd. He was a Special One and a Tragic Victim on the Cross.

(5) He was an Investigator, Thinker, Innovator, Observer, Specialist, and an Expert. Think of Jesus noticing the woman who touched his garment, Zacheus, a Samaritan woman, etc. He questioned the rabbis.

(6) The Loyalist, Guardian, True Believer, Traditionalist, Stalwart, and even a Troubleshooter. Jesus was a loyal Jew. He was loyal to His Father, even unto death. As a loyal Jew, he was a Traditionalist.

(7) Jesus was an Enthusiast, Generalist, Multi-Tasker, Connoisseur, and an Energizer. One of my "cloister brothers" joked that Jesus was a Connoisseur because He saved the best wine for last. ;-)

(8) Jesus was a Challenger, Protector, Provider, a Leader, a Maverick, and a Rock. Jesus challenged the Pharisees. He protected the adultress. He was trustworthy like a rock, yet He was different like a Maverick.

(9) Jesus was a Peacemaker, Healer, Optimist, Reconciler, Comforter, and Nobody Special. Jesus humbled Himself to become Man. He preached peaced and healed the sick. He comforted us all by offering us Eternal Life.


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