Saturday, June 13, 2009

Temporary Promises

Those in the Dominican Laity, that have finished their Noviate, may make "promises," not unlike the same promises we make for life. However, these promises are not for life. They mean that one is still discerning a vocation to LFSD (Lay Fraternities of Saint Dominic).

Today, I was blessed to witness the Temporary Promises of three friends, in the Hope of Bethany Pro-Chapter. John, Dottie, and Jan are friends I've met through prison ministry.

John, just fell into the LFSD. He lives in the same town that the Hope of Bethany Pro-Chapter meets--St. Theresa Church's, Sherborn, MA. He saw an advertisement about the chapter and attended a meeting just because he was curious. He's been there, ever since. Before he met St. Dominic, he was attracted to Carmelite spirituality. In fact, within five minutes of meeting John, we were deep in discussion about St. John of the Cross and his poetry. John writes poetry, also.

Dottie became involved partly through her daughter, Ellen. Ellen is in music ministry and is involved with prison ministry. Dottie sometimes accompanies Ellen. Once she came with Ellen to the Hope of Bethany Pro-Chapter, her interest was peaked. Of course, through her studies in formation, she found a true path.

Jan and her husband, Deacon Richard Vaughn, were interested in prison ministry. However, my chapter, the prison chapter, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter, met at an inconvenient time for them. So they joined our satellite, Hope of Bethany Pro-Chapter. Jan's beloved husband, Rich, died a couple of years ago. May he rest in peace.

When the Holy Spirit wants you; you can't stop it.

May John, Dot, and Jan continue on their Dominican journeys. May they find their own path to eternal salvation and work towards helping others find theirs.

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