The Whole Truth

Father Gordon MacRae asked bloggers to share his post on his blog, "These Stone Walls."  Father MacRae is a falsely accused priest who is trying to clear his name.  On this particular post, he rails against the movie Spotlight.  He actually liked the movie but they needed to mention some other views and people.  Spotlight is only one side of the story.  To know the other side, you really need to read some of these journalists.

 That’s the problem with a spotlight. It casts its beam in one place while all the corruption beyond its singular focus remains in the dark.
It’s not easy for people in the media to stand up to those among their peers who are honored for biased distortions. There are journalists for whom the truth is its own reward, journalists who write the truth even when prevailing political correctness tries to silence them, even when it means they will sacrifice a Pulitzer, or an Oscar. The truth means more to them than the approval of their peers. These are the true guardians of integrity in journalism, and, though my voice is small, I honor them here. Please join me in this by sharing this post, and these stand-out contributions against the tide:


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