Last Rose of Summer

I picked the last rose from my garden, to bring to Gloria.  I was visiting her, since she's been house bound ever since she hurt her back.  Did you know that the rose is a symbol of Mary?  The rose is known as the "Queen of Flowers".  Mary is called a "rose without thorns."  The rose is the emblem of the Incarnation and a symbol of Divine Love.

St. Ambrose tells us that the rose was in the Garden of Eden.  But after the Fall, the rose grew thorns as a reminder of man's fall from grace.

Is it me, or have roses lost their smell?  My garden only has tea roses, so maybe the tea roses don't have a strong smell, but it seems to me that even the large roses don't smell as strong as they used to.


Joann Nelander said…
I've thought the same thing, but than since all my parts are getting old along with me, I wonder if it just my nose.

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