For Formation yesterday, our Spiritual Director had assigned, Summa Theologica, Prima Pars, Q. 114.

I couldn't believe it.  Why did he give us this?  This is silly.  Satan?  This is 2011.  C'mon!

But Father was serious.  And so were my "cloistered brothers."

This lesson happened yesterday, and I was going to post it, but I spent the time looking for an appropriate picture.  This is Satan, so I wanted the ugliest picture I could find.  Nothing was ugly enough.  That's why I'm posting, now, minus a picture.

I was shocked to find out that some of my "cloistered brothers" have had personal encounters.  !!!!  And not only with Satan, but with their Guardian Angels.  Some of my brothers even know the names of their Guardian Angels.

I'd tell you more, but I'm still trying to lift my jaw up off the floor.

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