Like most Catholics, I have a special devotion to Mary.  I pray the Rosary; my favorite prayer is Hail Holy Queen; I actually like the Roman version of Salve Regina; I remember fondly childhood May processions; I like May Crownings, and I celebrate Mary's feast days.  I have enough statues of Mary in my bedroom to make my husband complain that we sleep in a shrine.

She is someone whom we can relate to: mother, wife, parent, spouse, friend, widow.  She was poor, and knew exile.  She had her entire life turned upside down at least twice.  She watched her only child be tortured, and suffer and die.  Also, for me, she feminizes my Roman Catholic religion, which has a very male-heavy hierarchy.  Thank God for Mary.

Mary is not God, of course.  Catholics do not worship her.  But closeness to her brings God closer to us.  My prayer life proves this to me.  Prayers to Mary enrich my spiritual life as she directs me to God.  She leads the way to Him.  


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