Bible Sharing = Lectio Divina

When you read, don't you automatically just stop and think about what you just read?  That's how you read.

Isn't it?

This morning I was reading about Brother Simeon Leiva, at Spencer, MA.  Catholic News Service reports,      Lectio divina," an ancient scriptural meditative practice, is an ideal way for contemporary Catholics to unplug from worldly distractions and establish holy intimacy, permanent friendship and fruitful companionship with Jesus Christ, according to Trappist Brother Simeon Leiva.

And when you read something deep, you spend longer thinking about it.  So isn't Lectio Divina something we already do?

And in Bible Sharing, like my parish does in it's Arise Groups, isn't that just Group Lectio Divina?

What's the big whoop about?  


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