Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jump! Jump!

The Arizona Republic had an article on the conflict between Bishop Olmsted and St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.  St. Joseph's is the Catholic hospital that performed an abortion supposedly to save the life of the mother.  Perhaps you've heard of the controversy?  Yeah, ad naseum.  But in case you're cloistered and don't know what I'm referring to, go here for the story.  Thanks to

I don't want to get into

  • the pressure insurance companies put on doctors
  • fear of litigation
  • taking the easy way out
  • the role of the media
  • American mores
  • whether of not the abortion was necessary
...and I really don't want to get into whether or not the Bishop is wrong, because he's not.  Either you're Catholic or not.  Fine.  Take the name Catholic off.  This is the Bishop's call.  Lump it.

What really bothers me are the people who are urging the Hospital Board to fight the Bishop.  The ACLU is attacking Bishop Olmsted for opposing abortion.  Commonweal urges the hospital administrators to stand up to the Bishop.  Some people question the Bishop's jurisdiction over a Catholic hospital.  I've even read that Rome needs to jettison "excommunications" from Canon Law because bishops have little credibility; the hospital needs to separate itself from the Catholic Church; the best thing the hospital could do is tell the Vatican to shove it; terminate all connection to the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix; fight the excommunication--the Bishop has no right to do this....

...yakty yak.  Reminds me of the type who stand on the street yelling at the man on the ledge, "Jump!  Jump!"

The heart wrenching exigencies that caused this predicament aren't even given consideration.

They just want blood.

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