Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Digital Continent

In the recent Dominican General Chapter, held in Bologna, came the term "Digital Continent."  Since the Dominicans are the Order of Preachers, the Master is giving instructions to the Dominican family to go out and preach to the Digital Continent.  From the Acts: 

The digital continent, comprising more than three billion persons connected to the internet in the world represents the new “continent of mission” for the Church, and more particularly for us Dominicans, whose mission is the devotion to the total evangelization of the Word of God. “This information explosion provides twenty-first century Dominicans with a new pulpit, allowing us to bring the Gospel to people often beyond our reach, as well as advancing causes, such as justice and peace, which are rooted in our foundational charism”.

Of course, I'm on board and have been ever since I've had internet access.  I love social media.  I have found many Lay Dominicans that I would have never met, were it not for social media.  I have met over 5000 (Facebook limit), new friends.  I have reconnected with former friends.  I  have exchanged many ideas and learned many new things.  I love learning on You Tube.  I watch the videos from Bishop Barron, Boston College and Providence College.  I thank God for this.

My own efforts in the Digital Continent:

The One True Faith Blog
eLumen (Internet Lay Dominican newsletter)
     Give Faith A Chance
     Worldwide Fellowship of Lay Dominicans
     Fr. Jean-Joseph Lataste
     Dominican Litany of Saints

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