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Spine Damage by Sharon St. George will leave you with a good feeling.  All’s right with this world.  St. George ties up all the loose ends.  There are no dangling story lines or plot plops.  Everyone and everything are as it should be.  The good guys win and the bad guys get their just desserts.

What else do you want?  Good writing?  How’s this:

When we reached the location on the dock where I’d seen the man fall, a roly-poly harbor seal with impressive whiskers poked its head up from the basin’s briny seawater.  He gazed at us with round, curious brown eyes—another hungry resident hoping for a handout.  P. 226
Saturday morning, I woke to the harbor’s usual salute to the senses: the crying of gulls, the pungent smell of seawater, and the bright morning sunlight striking my face through a porthole in the forward berth.  The aroma of coffee confirmed that Nick had been up at least long enough to start a pot brewing.  P. 232

Spine Damage is the fourth book in the Aimee Machado Mystery series.  Aimee is a librarian and along with her pilot boyfriend, they solve mysteries.  The novel is told in the first person, Aimee, whose detailed descriptions allow her characters and settings to come alive.  In this particular story, the setting is California and the Azores.  An unconscious man with a bullet in his spine is brought to the hospital, where Aimee works as a librarian. The man is from the Azores and only speaks Portuguese.  Aimee is half Azorean.  So she helps his family, which is how she is drawn into solving this mystery.

The injured man’s fifteen year old sister is missing and the worse is feared.  Rightly so, because the trail leads from the kidnapping in the Azores, to drug trafficking, to female slavery, to murder.  The pace is quick and full of twists.  It’s a page turner.

Sharon St. George has written another good mystery in her Aimee Machado Mystery series.  Add this one to your “to read” list.

Although I was given the book to review, I was not required to write a favorable review.  This review is my own honest assessment. 

Prices/Formats: $4.95 ebook, $16.78 paperback
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 328
Release: May 15, 2017
Publisher: Camel Press
ISBN: 9781603815819

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