Monday, February 13, 2017

Rumpelstiltskin for Adults

Twisted by Bonnie M. Hennessy is an adult fairy tale.  Remember Rumpelstiltskin?  Now the little man will dance in your adult dreams.  It’s not your kiddie’s sweet dreams.  It’s a haunting horror.
Twisted is a gothic romance.  And it is twisted.  Aoife is the major character who keeps her family’s farm and her family, for that matter, together.  Her father is a drunk and womanizer, who’s hobby is visiting the local brothel.  Aoife has pulled her father out of there to come home, so often, that she’s best friends with the house’s madam. Her mother is an enabler.  Aoife is a good manager of her family’s farm.  Because of her shrewd business sense the family has just about enough money to get by.  There is a constant concern, however.  Tara, Aoife’s sister has asthma, or something like that.  She is constantly sick and has a hard time breathing.  Doctor’s visits and medicine take a chunk out of the family’s budget.

To recharge herself, Aoife has turned to the forest.  Here she finds refuge from all the cares, burdens and anxieties that weigh on her.  She walks under the cool forest heaven.  She swims in the forest’s refreshing pond. She breathes in the cleansing pine and healing flora and befriends the woodland creatures.

Then the Duke came along.

Here come the twists.  The Duke is the bad guy, at first.  Then he’s the good guy.  Her savior in the forest, her protector from the Duke, her life’s guardian, turns out not to be such a good guy. 

Bad turns into good and good into bad.  Your mind is trying to think back to the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin.  Does this plot follow the fairy tale, parallel it, or morph into its own denouement?  It’s close enough but it has matured.  Or have you matured? 

You can’t have matured, because here you are a grown up reading a fairy tale.  That alone tells you that this is a good book.  You will be enthralled.  It not only holds your interest; it’s a page turner. 
Although I was given the book to review, I was not required to write a favorable review.  This review is my own honest assessment. 

Prices/Formats: $2.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
Fantasy, Mythological, Fairy Tale
 November 11, 2016

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