Thursday, February 16, 2017

Super Bowl Lessons for TOPS

As I posted on February 12th, Do Your Job, I'm presenting a program in TOPS on the subject of the lessons learned from Super Bowl LI

5   Lessons I want you to learn for the Super Bowl

First: Always be mindful.  Don’t relax and forget.
The Atlanta Falcons learned this one the hard way — but we can’t forget what we’re trying to do.
The Falcons  were ahead.  At no time did the Patriots lead.  I repeat. The Patriots never were in the lead; they were always losing.  Keep making the right choices.
Second: Never give up.
Everyone fails.  It’s part of being human.  Copy what Tom Brady did. 
First, he got a touchdown with no extra point.  That’s our equivalent of staying the same weight at “weigh in.”  So we didn’t lose.  We’re still OK.
Next the Patriots got a touchdown with a two-point conversion.  That our equivalent of losing a pound.
The following week we lose another pound like another touchdown with another two-pound conversion.
And finally, we’re excited.  We’re on a roll and continue with half a pound to a pound loss the next week.  We’re winning!
Third, don’t blame.
For the first 2 and a half quarters of the game, the Patriots were losing. People who were supposed to catch balls dropped them. People who were supposed to stop the offense let them by. And Tom Brady threw a couple of duds.  It would have been easy to start the blame game. But they didn’t. They patted each other on the back and said, “It’s all right. Move on.”
It shouldn’t matter that it was your birthday, you’re on vacation, etc., you know that.  You have the same birthday, every year!  Vacations are planned ahead.  Plan your days and meals to reflect eating healthy.  No excuses!
Fourth, do it for your mom.
Many thought Tom Brady wanted to win to show up Roger Goodell.  That was sweet.  But the real reason was that he wanted to win for his mother.  His mother is fighting cancer and hadn’t been to any of Tom’s games at all, this year.  This one was for his mother.
If we aren’t trying to lose weight and get healthy for ourselves, then we need to think of our loved ones.  We want to be around for them, so keep making good choices for them.
Fifth, keep your eye on the goal.

You have a weight goal.  Keep at it.  It’s not a race.  Speed doesn’t win.  Perseverance does.  Persevere.

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