Thursday, November 3, 2016

Flaminio Cemetery

Credit:Catholic News Agency picture which credits  L'Osservatore Romano.
This morning's article in Catholic News Agency, November 3, caught my eye.  It's a picture of Pope Francis walking through an aisle of ... of ... (I don't know)... flowers in boxes.  I read the article to learn what was going on.  The article is by Hannah Brockhaus and titled, Pope Francis at Cemetery: Christ gives us hope -- even in death.  The picture is of Pope Francis walking through a cemetery.

Yes, the aisle the pope is walking through are the graves.  The cemetery is Flaminio Cemetery, also known as Prima Porta Cemetery.  Roads travel right through for daily commuters. There are buildings housing the graves surrounding the roads.  It's a new concept for cemeteries.  What do you think?

I don't know what I think.  Death is part of life, so this arrangement makes death seem very ordinary.  I mean if you commuted to work twice a day through Flaminio, you'd forget that it's a cemetery.  But on second thought, do you want to forget your dead?

Would it be acceptable to post signs?  Caution--grieving people crossing.  Pray!  Slow--respect the dead.

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