Monday, February 22, 2016

Patron Saint for Sensitive Pessimists

Laura Macalister has a post about different things she could be patron of.  She asks, "What could you be the patron saint of?"  I  thought about her question for a bit.  At first, I thought that I could be the patron saint of  super sensitve people.  That's me.  I'm always reading into things that people don't really mean.

Then I thought that saints usually are patron saints of more than one thing.  A good example of this is St. Dominic.  Not only is he patron of preachers, but of those falsely accused and astronomers.  Don't ask me what St. Dominic has to do with astronomers, but he is.  Preachers because he founded the Order of Preachers.  "Those falsely accused", I'm not sure.  Probably because of Dominic's compassion and mercy.  But astronomers, I have no idea.  Maybe because of the star over Dominic's head?

Anyway, my point is, I can be the patron saint of more than one thing.  So besides being the patron saint of the sensitive, I think I could be the patron saint of pessimists.  Maybe optimists, too?  You see I am an optimist.  But that's because I'm a pessimist.  Realistically, I know that most of my negative imaginings never really do happen, and that causes me to be an optimist.  Doesn't that qualify me to be the patron saint of pessimists?

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