Thursday, February 4, 2016


MEK Drawing

Dreams don't usually affect me.  However, last night I had one that woke me up and won't leave me.  It frightens me and I don't know why.  It isn't about me.  Here's the dream.

I'm teaching my RCIA class and the chaplain walks in.  She trips and falls.  We all immediately rush over to her.  She's unconscious but her entire body is twittering.  It's moving here and there, like a roomba vacuum cleaner.  It skitters across the floor and when it bumps into something it turns and continues.  There's another thing.  It's shrinking--very fast.  Of course, someone has called 911.  When we see her heading under something like our little refrigerator or a bookcase, we all rush over to it to block her from skittering under and getting stuck.  But eventually, she jitters her way into a big manilla envelope.  We don't think much about it except maybe--Good!  We can easily get her out when we want and meanwhile she's safe.  Finally, the EMT's come and we shake everything out of the envelope.  It just so happens that the envelope was full of paper dolls and some are torn apart.  We can't find her except for her head.  And we know that it's her because the head is still jittering.  In fact, it's the only thing jittering.  All her other parts are mixed in with the paper dolls.  So we shove everything, including the jittering head, back into the envelope, fasten it, and hand it to the EMT's.  "Here you guys figure it out."

I wake up.

What haunts me is that every piece of her is gone.  It's like she never existed.

What does it all mean?

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