Friday, April 27, 2012

Human Dignity Not Debatable

       This is a picture of a Rosary held between hands of two protesters during a vigil opposing Arizona's Immigration Law at the state capital, April 24, 2012.  Whenever I hear of the problems of immigration I always send up a prayer of thanksgiving for my "illegal" grandparents.  My maternal grandmother lied about being 18, and my maternal grandmother just walked through the Canadian woods and never turned back. 

    My Lithuanian grandmother became a citizen and only learned enough English to pass the test, and then forgot it.  I remember her signing official documents with an "X".  I don't remember whether or not Mémé was a citizen.  We didn't discuss politics.  

   Hence I enjoyed reading Archbishop Jose Gomez article in the Washington Post.  He thinks Arizona's law is unAmerican, anti-family, and  threaten to remove humanitarian considerations from our immigration system altogether. This would be a tragedy for the individuals subject to these laws, but also for all Americans.

Archbishop Jose Gomez is the Archbishop of Los Angeles and chairman of the USCCB's Committee on Migration.

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