Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lay Dominican Slapdown

It was the novices v. the postulants.  And since the President of the Chapter popped in, he was put on the hot seat, too.

What's a Lay Dominican Slapdown?

This Slapdown is the invention of the Formation Director to evaluate the materials and instruction of the Chapter.

Since I'm the Formation Director, I got to make up the questions.  The questions consisted of the history of Saint Dominic, Ven. M. Jean-Joseph Lataste, OP, the Family of Preachers, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter,and Lay Dominicans.  There were also general questions on the Catholic Religion--apologetics.

I didn't expect Bible verse quotations, as long as they knew where to find the answers.  I didn't expect them to know the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, kinds of graces, precepts of the Church and all those rules, as long as they can find them in the catechism, when needed.

When the novices and postulants didn't know the answer, the Chapter President was asked.  We were glad to see that most of the time he didn't know, either.  (Anybody who wants the twelve pages of questions can email me.)

Not knowing the answer was a teaching opportunity that often led to discussion.

All in all, the Lay Dominican Slapdown was a success.

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