Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stop, Look, Be Aware

Window - Milton Hospital 
Father Kevin added new insight to this morning's Gospel (Matt. 4: 12-23).  This is where the common phrase, "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand," comes from.  Father said that the translated word, repent, is debated.  Repent comes from the Greek word, metanoia.  Some think that metanoia would be better translated in English as "convert," meaning to turn towards.  I like Father Kevin's translation.

"To hell with the past."  (No, Father didn't say that.)  Once you turn toward the light, toward God, is where your world will open up.  Everything is viewed through different eyes.

You see God's hands in events.  You see miracles in everyday occurrences.  You see God in people.  You get the idea?

If you've experienced this metanoia you know what I say is true.  Otherwise, it's like trying to "talk to a stranger about rock n' roll."

There is no need to go to Medjugorje, or Fatima, or Lourdes.  You don't have to go to Milton, MA to see Our Blessed Mother in a window.  You don't have to travel to a Tibetan mountaintop to visit with a guru.

All you have to do is look around you.

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