Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Dentist

I did a lot of praying today. I spent five hours in the dentist chair! If that doesn't give you religion, what will?

Thank God I have a relationship with God. What do people who don't, do in painful situations? Just suffer?

Besides thinking that suffering has a purpose, and for this I offer up my suffering, I also think I am uniting myself with Jesus and His suffering. What really gives me comfort is to know that God is beside me through all this. It keeps me calm and at peace.

If I didn't have that grace, I'd be very stressed, anxious, upset, and just plain angry at the situation.

Strangely, even though I was put through the mill today, I feel blessed.

BTW, my front teeth were prepared for a five unit bridge. I had one extraction and the rest will all filed down to fit into the crowns on the bridge. It's an ordeal.


Brother Vito, O.F.M. Cap. said...

I share your feelings. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I found myself reciting the rosary with the fear of being "put under."

Did the dentist take a picture of you with your teeth filed down? =)

Glad everything turned out ok!

Faith said...

I had all kinds of unattractive pictures taken: lips stretched to the max, a mirror behind the teeth to show the back, closed teeth, laughing teeth, smiling, etc. This bridge is right in front. Actually, it looks better than my real teeth did--and this is the temporary bridge! Funny how things bring you to prayer.
Just wait Br. Vito until you're old enough for a colonoscopy. Now that's something to look forward to--probably the fastest and most sincere prayer you will ever make.

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