Friday, November 14, 2008

Theology of the Body

Awesome! Wicked Awesome! While I'm keying these words on my blog, I am simultaneously listening and watching a live stream of TOB by Pauline Media. Fr. Loya is teaching. He's sitting at a table and explaining to the people sitting at the table.
It's almost like being there. Fr. Loya happened to say that he heard the Pope say that husbands who lust after their wives are sinning. This was said in the context of talking about Humanae Vitae. This statement about husbands lusting was earth shifting (I love this image. And I may steal it.). Well, we who are watching had comments entered on this "lusting". But Fr. Loya goes past this part and continues on. If we were there we'd raise our hand and ask questions, but we have to submit our questions, and he'll address them next week.
So, live stream lectures aren't perfect, but close to it.
The lecture is too long. Not because of subject matter, nor Fr. Loya's teaching/delivery, but rather it's just the time. Two hours is too big a chunk of time. I know I won't always be able to watch because of it. Too bad.

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