Patron Saint of Confessors

Martyrdom of St. John Nepomuk by Szymon CzechowiczNational Museum in Warsaw.

 St. John Nepomucene (1340-93), was the vicar general to the Archbishop of Prague.  King Wenceslaus IV, was a vicious, young man who easily succumbed to rage and caprice, was highly suspicious of his wife, the Queen.  St. John happened to be the Queen’s confessor.  Although the king himself was unfaithful, he became increasingly jealous and suspicious of his wife, who was irreproachable in her conduct.  Although Wenceslaus tortured St. John to force him to reveal the Queen’s confessions, he would not.  In the end, St. John was thrown into the River Moldau and drowned on March 20, 1393.  He would not break the Seal of Confession.


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