A Story of Forgiveness

While driving my granddaughter to school, we were listening to a Bible audio tape.  We heard the story of Naaman being cured of leprosy (2 Kings: 5: 1-15)  The narrator told the story to give an example of "forgiveness."  I was surprised.  I had always thought of the Naaman story being a story of "faith in God".  But now I am corrected.

How is it a story of "forgiveness?"

2 Kings 5: 2, tells us that a little girl was captured from Israel and brought to Syria and made to be a servant.  She certainly didn't go happily.  Imagine the circumstances of how a little girl could have been captured and taken from her home.

How would you feel?

Well, she didn't feel that way.  She forgave her captives.  How?  Why? is not point.  She did.

We know this because she tries to help her master.  She tells him about a prophet that could help cure Naaman's leprosy.  The story tells how it comes about in 2 Kings: 5 3-15.

And Naaman is cured because that servant girl forgave him for what he had done to her in 2 Kings 5:2.


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