Tee Shirts

Tee Shirts tell you a lot about a person.  I took this picture this morning of my friend, Kevin.  I thought it should say, "Retired, now I have time for everybody."

But Kevin's tee shirt reflects his personality.  We were talking about the bible sharing we both attend.  I asked Kevin why he doesn't go anymore.  He told me that it was because it turns into a gab session.  Well, that's why I like it.  It's casual.  I get to share what goes on in my life and ask for prayers, and so do others.  Kevin doesn't want to be bothered by prayer requests and he doesn't want to ask for prayers for himself and his dear ones.  He feels it's none of anybody's business.

His tee shirt fits his personality, does it not?  I'll have to note if all tee shirts do this?  

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