Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

Here we are, again, at Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival, which is a place where bloggers link together.  The place is a blog entitled, This That And The Other Thing, hosted by R'Ann.  We also discuss a question, a week.

This week's question, is when should school start.  I think beyond the question.  I think the school year should be year round with a break of two months, every five months, run in three cycles.  For example: cycle one =  Jan. -- May with vacation break being June and July, cycle two = March -- July with a break being in August and September, cycle three =  October -- Feb. with a break in March and April.  Do you get the idea?  In this way, families may choose which vacation would suit their families' life style best.

My week:

Monday - guest post

Tuesday -- a humorous "prayer group tale"

Wednesday -- No Pee Zones

Thursday -- Getting excited about St. Mary's Catholic Women's Club

Friday -- A Wonderful Day! It was the Solemnity of Saint Dominic.  I prayed.  I read about St. Dominic.  I also went to St. Dominic's parish and witnessed the Temporary Promises of a Lay Dominican.

Saturday  --  I'm an incorrigible home body.

That was last week.  Tomorrow please pray for my daughter, who will be having a C-section, on Monday, August 11.

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