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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The prayer group was cleaning out all their stuff out of the parish shed.  The pastor, Father Diotrophes told them he needed the room.  The group didn't realize they had accumulated so much.  There were song books, devotional books, prayer books, rosaries, and even things like paper plates and plastic spoons.  Most of the stuff was outdated and would be thrown away.

Father Diotrophes came to inspect their work.  Unfortunately, a wind came up and slammed the door.  Really slammed the door.  It was stuck, solid.  It wouldn't budge.

The pastor started hollering.  The prayer group didn't know what to do.  They couldn't open the door.

Their leader, all of a sudden had an idea. They were a prayer group; they would pray.

"Don't worry Father Diotrophes.  We're going to pray you out."

So they started their charismatic praying, which led to singing, which led to praying in tongues.

Father Diotrophes was yelling something.   ????????

The prayer group couldn't hear him because of their loud singing and praying.

The door still didn't open.

Finally, all that praying gave them an idea.  They'd burn the door down.

So they lit the door on fire.

Father Diotrophes wanted to know what they were doing.

"You're better off not knowing, Father."


Soon the wood was cackling and smoking.  Plenty of smoke.

Even though, Father Diotrophes was yelling, the prayer group didn't understand a word he was saying.

Soon the sound of fire engines could be heard.  The fire trucks came right up to the shed.  They put the fire out with the water, and when the firemen heard that the pastor was stuck inside, they smashed the door down with their axes.

Father Diotrophes came out of the shed, all red faced.  He glared at the prayer group.

"See Father, we told you not to worry.  Prayer works."

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