Sophia is Catholic

Sophia I, wearing a ladder rosary.
Today, my granddaughter came over to play.  She brought over her "friends."  Her very best friend, since she was born is Ariel.  But at Christmas, a new friend enter her life.  The princess Sophia I, came to live with her and Ariel.  She's very nice.

I was happy to make her acquaintance.  We had tea together--Sophia I, and all the friends. During our conversation, we were looking and talking about my rosary collection, we learned that Sophia I, had never heard or seen a rosary.  She wasn't Catholic.  In fact, she wasn't anything.  She believed in God, after all she see's His evidence all around her, it's just that she didn't have any religion.

We explained what we could about Jesus and His Mother, Mary.  She loved Mary's Rosary, especially the ladder rosary.  We prayed our "three year old version" of the rosary, and Sophia I, used the ladder rosary, while we used regular ones.  Sophia I, loved the rosary so much that when we told Sophia I, about Mary's Son, Jesus, she loved Him, too.  I thought she was ready to be baptized.  So did my granddaughter and all her friends (We took a vote.)

We made a party of the affair.  We invited all the friends to Sophia I, christening party.  We made instant chocolate pudding, tea (of course), and even had a procession.  We processed to the kitchen sink, since it was near the table that was set for the christening party.

Sophia I, kept her own name, since Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek.  Also, since my name is Faith, I know that St. Sophia, who is a martyr, had three daughters, named "Faith," "Hope," and "Love."  (Gee, I wonder why I would remember that?)

Today was a spiritually fruitful day.  We prayed; we learned; and we celebrated.  I love how Mary brought Sophia I, to Jesus.  Funny how she does that.  One of the candidates in my RCIA class is there because of Mary, too.  Mary brings people to Jesus.  She points the way.

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