What's Wrong with Thy Will Be Done

It suddenly occurred to me, in prayer, that just submitting to God, as in "Thy Will Be Done," may be an indication that one is moving away from God.  God loves prayer.  I'm equating prayer with dialogue.

If one is honest, he or she, would admit to their anxiety, depression, fear, etc.  She should tell God, even question God.  The Old Testament is full of stories of the people raging against Him.  In fact, that Old Testament attitude, to me, just shows how close the Jew was to God.  The Jew prayed to Him because God was a part of his life.  God was intimate with the people.

Disagreeing with God, questioning Him, putting His feet in the fire, so to speak, seems to me, to be legitimate prayer.  In fact, I think it's a sign of how close God is to you.

You agree, don't You, Lord?

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