The Devil's Handiwork

Out of all the four pillars in our Lay Dominican life, community is the hardest, for us.  I've written about this before.  It seems that egos get in the way, especially if your chapter is mostly made up of males.

Prayer is what we do best.  We're always trying to perfect our prayer life.  I think we're pretty efficacious prayer warriors.

Apostolate is our life.  We as a chapter live as good Christian examples.  Individually, some have independent ministries.

Study is fun to us.  Right now we're discussing Augustine.

Community is the bugger.  It seems that everybody gets on everybody else's nerves.  Some are always looking around to see what others are doing, have, or not!  Perhaps it's just a matter of too much time on everyone's hands.  The devil makes work for idle hands.

Maybe if we had a big project that involved most of us, we'd pull together.  We'd be busy; everyone working for the same end.  Work is the answer.  

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