"Everybody's Talking at Me"

This Sunday's Gospel - the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time, Matthew 16: 13-20, makes me think of Harry Nilsson's song, "Everybody's Talking at Me."  This song is from Dustin Hoffman's and Jon Voight's movie, Midnight Cowboy.  ".

Jesus asks His disciples, what people are saying about Him.  Curiosity?  Testing them?  Interesting because everybody seemed to know Jesus as the carpenter's son, from Nazareth.  But aren't we all more than members of our family.  There's always more to us than what people see, or think they see, and know.

And in this Gospel, Peter gives the correct answer and moves to the head of the class.

Funny how the song "Everybody's  Talking at Me" came to my mind.  The lyrics have nothing whatsoever to do with this Gospel.  Jesus does move on, but not to a place where the weather suits his clothes.
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