Salve Project

This post is for my brothers and sisters in the Dominican Family.  The Salve Project celebrates the many different ways and voices that Dominicans use in our preaching.  A video is being composed of these ways and voices.  This project will highlight the unity and diversity of the Order of Preachers around the world.

You need to record a video of your community singing the Salve Regina and send it to the International Promoter General of the Internet, Father Scott Steinkerchner, O.P. at

Just 20 seconds is enough.  While you are singing and recording the Salve Regina, move the camera around the group so that different angles, areas, people, and scenes show different places.  Don't worry about mistakes, or the singing, only portions of the video will be shown.  Fr. Scott can edit and work around problems.

How about it?  Sounds like fun.  My "cloistered brothers" would do it, if they weren't so "cloistered."


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