Finding the Right Place

You know how some books are written for one age, yet have a deeper meaning for adults to enjoy?  Think of fantasy writers like Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  Such is Red in the Flower Bed, by Andrea Nepa.

No where in Red in the Flower Bed is God mentioned.  But I picture the adult reading this book to an adoptive child, automatically seeing God's fingers in everything that happens to the little poppy seed that grows up to be a beautiful red poppy.

In fact, in the beginning, I can see why a child hearing:
                Good-bye little one,
          You will me missed you know
        but this is no place for you to grow.     
would wish he were living with another family.  !!!!!  Don't laugh.  That happened to me.  As a child, my friend told me that her mother had told her that she may not have grown in her belly like most babies, but she had grown in her heart.  I thought that was so beautiful.  So I went home and asked my mother if I had grown in her heart.  She, not knowing where I was coming from, told me not to be silly, that I was grown from her belly.  I really was bummed.

Red in the Flower Bed is a beautiful story. The story of a flower seed traveling to just the right place, is perfect for a child's understanding.  A pre-schooler will love the rhyme, pictures, and story.  A child in the primary grades would be able to understand their parent's explanation of God's Divine plan working in the life of this little poppy seed.

You can purchase Red in the Flower Bed, at Tribute Books.  I definitely recommend it for adopted children.  The author, Andrea Nepa, wrote the book for her daughter.  It's perfect for interracial families, like the author's, but everyone will enjoy it.  Even adults, like me.


Tribute Books said…
Aww, thanks Faith for a great review - especially for explaining the style of RED IN THE FLOWER BED as falling in line with the greats like Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. You're right, Andrea introduces children to the subject of adoption in subtle, gentle way.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book and for recommending it to the readers of The One True Faith. We appreciate your support and for participating in the blog tour.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books
Andrea Nepa said…
Thank you very much for reviewing my book.

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