Thanks to Fr. Blake's Blog, for the Picture. It's the swelling that hurts. I remember a funny story (at least in my family). My mother was told, after her stroke, to not let her hand hang down; it would get swollen. Well, it was getting swollen, and we'd tell her to keep it up. We all told her. We told her a hundred times a day.

One evening as we watched TV, my Dad told my Mom, AGAIN, "Keep your hand, UP!"

You see, the fluid from your arm will pool in your hand if you constantly let it hang. And while she was watching TV she could have put her arm on the pillow on the arm rest. But she wasn't.

Dad had had it.

Oh, oh........
Dad leaves the room. He comes back with a hammer and a large nail.

Our eyes opened wide.

My mother's jaw dropped.

Then Dad took my mother's swollen hand, grasped her sleeve, and continued to nail her sleeve to the wall. Yep, the wall.

My mother was yelling, "You're Crazy!"

We were all ROFL.



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