Dominican Study Group

Tonight was my turn to facilitate the Study Group. I chose to do a poetry workshop. We worked on:

Creativity--something different, something that'll stay with you.

Cohesiveness--does everything relate, all the metaphors tie together all the way through the poem?

Impact--intuitive response.

Craftsmanship--use of metaphor, assonance, alliteration, form and structure.

Voice--attitude, personality, mood, rhythmic effectiveness.

We all enjoyed it. We laughed a lot. Some wrote silly limericks. Some were serious. Then we judge them all. The winner:


Slot machines galore
and poker's downstairs
roulette spins lure
black jack's over there.

Ka-ching, Ka-ching

And the senior citizens
play on and on,
sorry can't join you,
money's all gone!

Told you we had fun.


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