The Bridal Shower

Karen was completely surprised. She really had no idea. The plan was for Dad to call her and say that his car wouldn't start and that he was in the parking lot at the V.F.W., come pick him up. So everything was ready. Dad called. HER CELL WAS OFF! Oh, no, we never thought of that. We knew she was shopping so there was no way to get someone to tell her to turn her phone on.

There was nothing to do except to keep trying to call her number. About half an hour later, he got through. Whew.....

Worried elides into anxiouse.

When she arrived in the parking lot, she started to clear off the passenger seat so that Dad could sit there. (So she really didn't suspect a thing.) She never noticed all the familiar cars parked there. She was clueless.

It was great. She got a lot of nice things. It made her very happy. I finally got to meet her inlaws. Most of them came up from Florida. They're fun people. The wedding reception next month is going to be one "hell" of a party.

This picture is when she walked into the room. SURPRISE!

BTW, she said her cell never was off. It was just that she was in and out of stores in the mall--bad reception.


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