Moose Alert

A few nights ago, the Grumpy Old Men and I spotted a moose. It was dusk, but we saw him all right.

Today, in almost the same spot, but a little further in the woods, we saw him again. I'll correct that to "her," because she had a youngster with her. Here's a couple of pictures. I can barely discern her, but you probably can't. Take my word for it. She's there.

Besides "moose sightings," we also hiked up the beginning of the Appalachian Trail in Grafton Notch. At first, we tried to walk up to "Table Top," but it was too much for us. So we walked back down, picnicked, and then felt rejuvenated, so we tried to walk up "Eagle's Nest." That was too much too, for senior citizens.

Maybe next vacation we'll go to the city where we can take public transportation.
The last picture is Dick making a damn fool of himself.


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