The Happy Blogger

I forget what I was originally reading, but from that I linked to something else, then to something else ... you know how it is.

Eventually, I landed on an article "Can Blogging Make You Happier?" by John M. Grohol. Of course, I read it.

None of the findings were new to me. I've experienced everything except one thing. The article said that most people who read personal blogs are a person's own friends and family. ROFLOL!!!!!!

Most of my friends don't have a computer. As for family, don't you know, Faith is an embarrassment, a "character," no one interesting enough to bother with. That's why I blog. I write my thoughts down because no one else is interested. It's on the internet so I am connected to the rest of the world, whether they're interested or not. This gives me a sense of integration. I feel connected to others outside my immediate sphere.

Blogging is the best kind of personal journal because I do get the occassional comment. What's funny is people will send me an email, but don't want to comment on the blog. OK. This bit of social interaction can only result from a blog, not my private diary.

It's also a big kick to hear or read people discussing my entries and they're unaware that the author is present.


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