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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


 One of my hiking groups is from the Senior Center.  Sometimes we're as many as 12 people.  This morning we were six.  At least we started out with six.  

This was the entrance to the Cranberry bog Trail behind the mall, Patriot's Place.  I never gave it a thought before, but we must look funny--a troupe of old people traipsing through the woods.

Once we walked through the cranberry bog, and before we went into the woods, I counted my people.  There was one more.  I counted again.  How did we pick up another person?

As we walked, I walked beside this newcomer and found out that she walked alone but was afraid to walk in the woods.  What if she got lost?  So she saw this group and we looked safe (old people) so sneaked in the middle of the group.

She turned out to be a nice lady.

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