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Sunday, September 24, 2023

God is Love

 David Torkington, your hope has not been in vain.  The Primacy of Loving has reinforced what I've been doing.  I never could do centering prayer, or the Jesuit imaging yourself in scenes, or the "Ooming".  My favorite prayer is Lectio Divina.  I'm reading The Cloud of the Unknowing, De Sales, Augustine, John of the Cross, Catherine of Siena, and of course the Bible.

I haven't reached that "consubstantial" unity of love that I want but I will persevere.  I want the love of God, that the apostles and the early church fathers and mothers had. 

David Torkington's book, The Primacy of Loving explains that if you want to go deeper into spirituality, if you want to know and feel God's love, you must emulate the apostles and early Christians.  How did they do it?  How did the church's mystics do it?  

This book is a guide to follow Jesus' teachings. We learn to follow the first Christians, not man-made techniques from later centuries.  If the early century Christians could fall in love with Jesus, then if we read their works, we can too.  It takes dedicated, faithful, time.  

Torkington explains mysticism, who to stay away from, and other pitfalls. I learned some new pagan heresies and anti

All it takes is love.  We have to love Jesus and that includes loving others.  Our inner disposition should emanate love. Our prayer lives should involve professing love for God.  This takes persistence for the rest of our lives.  Eventually, it will become a part of our lives and it will be worth it.

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