Sunday, October 22, 2017

Walking Through Walls

In with my "cloistered brothers," today, we were discussing Timothy Radcliffe's I Call You Friends.  Radcliffe was writing about missionaries, but were thinking more along the lines of "preachers."  Not that missionaries aren't preachers, it's just that in my "cloistered brothers"' situation, they can't go out to be missionaries.  Yes, they are missionaries in a dark place, but they think preachers is more apt.

Anyway, back to my point.  Radcliffe asks "to whom are missionaries sent..."?  Today, he continues, "missionaries are sent not only to foreign lands but to everybody who is not like us."Those evangelizing on social media are missionaries.  Those writing books.  Those teaching in schools.

You get the idea?

Everybody who is not like us.

Radcliffe refers to Ephesians 1:10.  ...And this his good pleasure he proposed in him, to be dispensed in the fullness of the times; to re-establish all things in Christ...

So my "cloistered brothers" have a job to do.  They or rather, "we" always knew that.  But what I didn't realize was that by my ministering to my "cloistered brothers," I was bringing the outside world to them, besides Christ.  I walk through the wall dividing the outside from the inside.  I bring the things in heaven and in earth to them.  That's the purpose Christ set forth as a plan for the fullness of the times.

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