Sunday, November 15, 2009

Father Tom's Kids

The "Fr. Tom's Kids" Program pairs sponsors with orphans and needy students. Sponsored kids are provided a year of school fees, boarding, school supplies, basic medical care, uniforms, and books. Most of Fr. Tom's Kids are orphans whose families are victims of HIV/AIDS. Also prevalent is Burkitt Lymphoma, which is native to Africa. Those who have living parents prove to be too much of a burden to their families and are brought to the school. The school is Our Lady of Grace in Kisumu, Kenya. The mission is run by the Dominican Friars.

Besides the basic care, education is most important. Education is the ticket for a good job and to become a useful citizen. Education is the foundation for creating a more just society. Educated people are empowered to work for peace and justice against the current corruption in their part of the world. Ecuation trains informed leaders and enables those to raise their families out of the poverty cycle.

How about helping out. To sponsor a child, we're asking $ 75 a month. But just a tax-deductible donation to the Fr. Tom's Kids Program is wellcome. To contact the Dominican Friars in Kisumu, Kenya, please contact their Missions Director in the US:

Dominican Friars Kisumu
141 East 65th St.
New York, NY 10065-6607

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Albert Odhiambo said...

Am happy that you wrote about the Fr. Tom's kids. I would be happy to work with you on this. I am Albert Odhiambo, one of the Fr. Tom's kids and currently a Medical student.

You can email us on God bless.
Albert Odhiambo

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