Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe

Today I met, and conversed with, and held hands with, and received Communion from: none other than Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. That's right! THE Timothy Radcliffe! The famous theologian, the author of What Makes Us Christian, I Call You Friends, Why Go To Church,etc..

He came to Chapter today. He celebrated Mass for us. He hung around and chatted with everybody.

After Chapter, he went to Sister Ruth's cookout. In this picture he is standing between Helen Tice and myself. (Notice I'm holding his hand.)

I also got him to autograph my copy of Why Go To Church.

Need I tell you that he's approachable, personable, and just plain nice. He seems so gentle and kind and soft spoken.

Tomorrow, I'll be down the Cape to see him at the 2009 Summer Speaker Series. The speaker forum is jointly sponsored by St. Anthony's, Christ the King, and Our Lady of Victory Parishes. Down the Cape I go to St. Anthony's. So I'm looking forward to seeing him, again.


Tom said...

Cool! Any chance he's coming to DC for the DiNoia ordination?

Faith said...

I'm sure Fr. Radcliffe would have loved to be in DC, if he could. But at the same time Di Noia was being consecrated, Fr. Timothy was receiving the Evelyn Underhill award at Boston College.

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