Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fr. Bob's Reception

It did not start well. Hubby this morning was the first to leave. When he moved my car out of the way, he put my keys in his pocket, got into his truck and drove off.

I was unaware of this. At 11:30, I was leaving to go to Fr. Bob's reception, with some of the food I baked for it, and looked around for my keys. It didn't take me long to figure out why I couldn't find them. No use praying to St. Anthony; I knew where they were.

Hubby was at a meeting, so his cell phone was off. I tried looking for a second set, but not too much because I vaguely remember Dick saying to be careful of the keys because we only had one set.

Oh well. I didn't have to panic because I was only bringing food and I was sure they had enough. It wasn't like I was in charge of setting up and had the keys to open the door.

It turned out well, because Dick came home at 1:00 PM. The reception was from noon to 3:00. Fr. Bob was celebrating his last Mass for the parish at 4:00 PM.

The place was mobbed. Fr. Bob's family was there. His brother, who is a parishioner was the funniest. He told the joke of when Fr. Bob was an altar boy, and he use to try to catch his eye to make his snicker or smirk, or even laugh. Then, he said, to see him up there as a priest...well... luckily, he's matured.

Now, I have to bring food for St. Mary's Women's Club bake sale, and go to Mass, and then to Our Lady of Lourdes Healing Novena, where it's my turn to lead the Rosary.

Lord be with me.

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